Bathroom Refinishing and Repairing in Houston

Modern Bathroom Ideas

A Sleek Modern Shower Room With Twin Basins and Large Format Tiles

Use the same large format tiles on your bathroom walls and floor for a clean and seamless look. Add a sleek handle-free vanity unit and wall-mounted taps over twin basins for a streamlined and clutter-free shower room. You can also add recessed shelving in your walk-in shower for handy hidden storage.

Large En Suite With Rainwater Shower

Add warmth with natural wood. In this en suite shower room, oak floorboards and an oak-topped freestanding vanity stop the white scheme looking clinical. Grey grout adds interest to the white tiling, too. In an attic bathroom, place a rainwater shower head as high up as you can, even if it means it’s at the top of the ceiling.

Grey Bathroom With Large Freestanding Bathtub

A space-saving wall niche helps maintain the streamlined appearance of this bathroom. Wall-mounted taps also help to keep the look uncluttered by mundane pieces. Simple sophistication is the key, with beautiful tiling and a large tub just made for a good soak.

Striking Monochrome Bathroom With Glossy Black Bathtub

This is a well-thought-out scheme that is designed to wow. But it’s not as complicated as it looks. Turning black and white checked tiles on their side to create a diamond-style pattern is a simple trick to add impact and interest. Meanwhile a fabulous tub and a hit of red have eye-catching properties all of their own.

Monochrome Bathroom With Hexagonal Black Tiles

If you think your bathroom isn’t the place to make a statement, think again. Hexagonal black tiles create a really striking backdrop to the white fittings in this monochrome scheme. A gold mirror adds a beautifully luxe finishing touch.

Grey Bathroom With Vase of Budding Branches

It doesn’t take much to jazz up a neutral bathroom. A vase full of budding branches ties in with the colour scheme here, creating interest without adding a colour hit to the space. A large vanity unit with lots of drawers keeps the marble worktop free from all but the essential and decorative.

Ultra-compact Wet Room With Wooden Paneling

A bathroom can be installed in the most tiny of spaces, as this ultra-compact wet room shows. With a space-saving sink and no shower enclosure, the room has everything you need without feeling cramped. If you have a dog who likes muddy walks, this kind of arrangement works wonders in a boot room, too.

Source: IdealHome

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Modern Bathroom Ideas

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