We will honor our 3 year warranty for home owners only

We will honor our 3 year warranty for home owners only

We will leave you a written contract with a warranty and invoice. In order to claim a warranty, you must show it to the technician upon his arrival.

Please note, we give a 1 year warranty for commercial customers on all the surfaces we refinish. This warranty will cover blistering, peeling, warming, bubbling and any other flaws in workmanship or application. However, your warranty will not include neglect, regular wear and tear, damage caused by accidents and chips If you choose to use a mat for your bathtub, make sure that it does not have suction cups because this will void your warranty for any damage caused.

Also, make sure that you don’t use acidic solutions on your finished surface, such as grout cleaners, hair dyes, perfumes, other cosmetic products and drain openers, which can cause damage. You are not given any guarantees against rusting or chipping. There also is no warranty for Jacuzzi surfaces around jets that have been reglazed.

Our company, TubNotch Renovations, will have the final decision of determining whether a refinished bathtub is indeed covered by warranty or not.