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Foundation is the lowest part of the building or the civil structure that is in direct contact with the soil which transfers loads from the structure to the soil safely. Generally, the foundation can be classified into two, namely shallow foundation and deep foundation.

A shallow foundation transfers the load to a stratum present in a shallow depth. The deep foundation transfers the load to a deeper depth below the ground surface.

A tall building like a skyscraper or a building constructed on very weak soil requires deep foundation. If the constructed building has the plan to extend vertically in future, then a deep foundation must be suggested.

The construction of the foundation can be done with concrete, steel, stones, bricks etc. The material and the type of foundation selected for the desired structure depends on the design loads and the type of underlying soil.

The design of the foundation must incorporate different effects of construction on the environment. For example, the digging and piling works done for deep foundation may result in adverse disturbance to the nearby soil and structural foundation. These can sometimes cause the settlement issues of the nearby structure.

Such effects have to be studied and taken care before undergoing such operations. Disposal of the waste material from the operations must be disposed properly. The construction of foundation has to be done to resist the external attack of harmful substances.

The foundation for each structure is designed such that:

  • The underlying soil below the foundation structure does not undergo shear failure
  • The settlement caused during the first service load or have to be within the limit
  • Allowable bearing pressure can be defined as the pressure the soil can withstand without failure.

What is the Purpose of Foundation?

Foundations are provided for all load carrying structure for following purposes:

  • Foundation are the main reason behind the stability of any structure.
  • The stronger is the foundation, more stable is the structure.
  • The proper design and construction of foundations provide a proper surface for the development of the substructure in a proper level and over a firm bed.
  • Specially designed foundation helps in avoiding the lateral movements of the supporting material.
  • A proper foundation distributes load on to the surface of the bed uniformly. This uniform transfer helps in avoiding unequal settlement of the building.
  • Differential settlement is an undesirable building effect.

The foundation serves the purpose of completely distributing the load from the structure over a large base area and then to the soil underneath. This load transferred to the soil should be within the allowable bearing capacity of the soil.

Foundation Services In Houston

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Foundation Services In Houston.

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