Bathtub Refinishing for Houston, TX

As your bathtub gets on in years, it might start to show those telltale signs of aging: staining and discoloration, cracks and chips, or faded appearance. If this is true for your bathtub, there’s an easier way to revive its appearance than going through the process of buying a completely brand new bathtub — bathtub resurfacing.

At TubNotch Renovations, we are committed to quality and affordability. Talk to our bathroom remodel experts today about bathtub refinishing in the Houston, TX, area to learn what your bathtub options are.

Bathtub Refinishing Services

Refinishing your tub is a great way to save on installation and new product costs. It allows you to keep your current tub in place but with an updated appearance so it looks brand new. Instead of overhauling your entire bathroom, consider bathtub refinishing.

In the refinishing process, the TubNotch Renovations team will perform a few steps in order to revamp your tub:

  • After examining the tub and taking note of any damaged areas, we’ll first strip off the old finish.
  • Next, we sand down your tub in order to ensure that it’s level and smooth. If we noticed cracks or holes, we’ll be sure to fix and fill them in at this point.
  • Lastly, we apply several layers of a specially designed finish.

And, the best part of resurfacing your tub? Within just a few days — after the coating is dry — your tub is ready to use. No more waiting for your tub to be shipped to you and then installed. Get instant results when you turn to the professionals at TubNotch Renovations.

If it’s time to remodel, renovate, or update your bathroom, turn to a bathroom renovation team of experts you can rely on. The TubNotch Renovations team is experienced and dedicated to the work we do. Talk to us about our bathtub refinishing services in Houston, TX. Call (281) 652-5700 to learn more.